The results of the exams held on June 18 and 26, 2021 have been announced

A total of 793 students from Baku and five regions took part in the  exam. Students who score the minimum passing score required from the first exam will be able to participate in the next selection stage. The required minimum passing score was set at 75 out of 300 points. The next selection stage will be an onsite exam  in a traditional way that covers  subjects which are included in a block exam. Dates for the exam covering  block subjects will be announced on the Project’s website and social media pages.


How to use the table showing the exam results?

The results of the students who took part in the exam were presented at the end of the news in alphabetical order according to their surnames.

The names and surnames mentioned in the table are kept in the format used by the student during registration and no changes have been made.  The foreign language section refers to the foreign language the students  had chosen to take the exam . In addition to the total score in the exam, the student will be able to see the distribution of the scores by subject. The columns Under the heading “Decision on the next stage” contains information on whether the student has passed to the next stage or not.


Website of the Online Test Examination Center:

Students can also learn the results of the exam on the website of the Online Test Examination Center To learn the results, they need to enter their phone number and password in the “Login” section of the site. In the window called  “Phone”, the phone number indicated by the student when applying to the Project should be entered. The phone number  must be entered in an international format with a code (example: +994553823731). In the window called “Password”, the number must be entered without the country code (example: 553823731). If no window opens on or a white screen appears after entering the information, the students  should try to log in again with another phone or computer or use another internet browser.


Exam Results:

You can see the results by clicking on the  “exam results” below.

Exam results


If you see any discrepancies in the exam results, or if you can not find your name although you took the exam, please contact our team: +99455 382 37 31 (call and What’s App) or [email protected]

Important note:

Exam results were annulled for students who used assistive devices during the exam, tried to transfer and committed other negative violations of the exam rules.