Project Participants at Khazar University

On December 19, 2021, an event dedicated to Project values was held at Khazar University.

The event started with a presentation about university delivered by Ulvi Babasoy, head of office in charge of working with prospective students. After the Q&A session, project alumni who currently study at Khazar University took the stage and shared their experience participating in the Project and preparing to the state admission examination.

Event continued with a short welcome speech by Dr. Irada Khalilova, Rector of Khazar University. Rector of Istanbul Kent University Dr. Necmettin Atsu currently on a business trip to establish partnership with Khazar University also addressed the students. After that Founder of Khazar University, Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees Professor Hamlet Isakhanli shared his thoughts about responsibility – a project value the event was dedicated to. He specifically emphasized one’s civic responsibilities. Prof. Isakhanli also spoke about founding Khazar University.

Speakers of the event also included Huseyn Hasanov, a teacher, psychologist, and founder of various social projects and Khaqani Safarov, a Human Resources specialist. A tour of the University library was organized for the Project beneficiaries.

Around 1200 young people and their families benefited from the “Build Your Future” Project since 2014. The Project is supported by the Ministry of Education and is carried out within the CSR policies of various companies. In its current, 8th year, “Build Your Future!” is supported by bp and co-venturers, PASHA Holding, Azerfon, Baker Tilly, and Ipeksu.