First Education Exhibition Experience of 3rd-year Project Participants

On October 9, 2016, participants of the 3rd year of Build Your Future Project participated in Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition.

Before the exhibition, Turan Jafarova, project coordinator, conducted a training on “Why Participate in a Fair?” The training informed the participants about the benefits of participating in a fair as well as equipped them with strategies on how to make the most of one’s participation in an education exhibition.

This was the very first education exhibition experience for most of the project participants. High school students got an opportunity to learn about local and foreign universities represented at the fair, find out about the programs they offer as well as meet with the representatives of academic and administrative staff.

The education exhibition which was organized with the support from the Ministry of Education brought together 118 participants from 14 countries.

The second part of the event consisted of a discussion of the first progress exam results and was led by the Project Manager Bahruz Hidayatzada. Currently, project participants are preparing for the centralized entrance examination. Academic performance of project participants is closely monitored by  the project team. Additional services are provided for students who experience difficulties in their preparations, in particular, work with project psychologist, additional classes, support by project alumni, and others.