Event on Science at Khazar University

On December 17, 2016, a full-day event dedicated to one of the six project values was held at Khazar University.

Opening the event, Turan Jafarova, Project Coordinator and Director of the International Affairs Office at Khazar University, greeted the participants and gave general information about the project. Rauf Jahangirov, project volunteer, delivered a short session on safety and security. Then Bahruz Hidayetzadeh, project director, spoke about the importance of science, justice, love, responsibility, mutual support, and creativity – the six values of the project. Dr. Isakhan Isakhanli, Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs, made a presentation about Khazar University.

Rashad Ibadov, Khazar alumnus and instructor at ADA University, gave the students a motivational speech and emphasized the importance of education. After a tea break, a film was shown about Eurasian Academy, co-founded by Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees. Then Prof. Isaxanli made a speech about the importance of science. Several Khazar University students, alumni of the Build Your Future project, spoke. Martha Lawry, American alumna of Khazar University, called on the students to learn languages. Gunel Farajova, employee of EY, spoke about science and society. Then the students were divided into small groups for a practical exercise.