Event at ADA University

On February 21, 2017, Build Your Future project carried out its next event dedicated to the project values.

Turan Jafarova, coordinator of the project, opened the event. A short session on safety and security was delivered by Natella Alimuradova, manager of HSE at ADA university. Aytekin Huseynova from the Admissions Office gave a presentation about ADA University, programs it offers, its resources and facilities.

Joshgun Kerimov, business trainer, co-founder of GR8, and the author of the recently published book entitled Ubuntu told the participants about the importance of empathy and love in various aspects of life. Mr. Karimov informed the students about the ancient African concept of Ubuntu that encompasses being considerate of and kind to everyone. Mr. Karimov also conducted several interactive activities with the project participants.
Gultakin Salamova, a specialist of the Office of Diversity and Inclusive Education at ADA University delivered a presentation about people with disabilities and society’s attitude towards them. She informed the participants that it was important to value every individual irregardless of any physical or other constraints he or she may have. Ms. Salamova shared her personal story and told the participants about the difficulties she had to overcome on a daily basis to achieve her goals getting a good education and building a career.

Rahman Shahhuseynli, Director of the International Relations Office at ADA University who studied and lived in Japan gave a short talk patriotism.

Mehdi Ganjali, lecturer at Istanbul Marmara University who is currently in Baku on a fellowship through Yunus Emre Institute, spoke about the love to one’s home country and responsibility we have towards it.

Following the speakers’ presentations, participants shared their insights about what they learned during the event.

The event ended with a tour of the university conducted by Ms. Asli Mammadova, representatiive of the ADA University.