Build Your Future Project’s Appearance on TV

December 2, 2016 – Build Your Future project appeared in a morning show of AZTV, one of the local TV channels. The project was represented by project partner Baku City Education Department, project alumni and participant of the current year.

Lamiya Sharafkhanova, Head of Development Projects Unit at Baku City Education Department spoke about the project, activities carried out in the previous years, results and achievements of the project. Project alumni Qasida Rasulzadeh and Nigar Rahimova spoke about their participation in the project’s second year and how it helped them achieve their goals. In 2016 both Qasida and Nigar entered universities: Qasida is currently a first-year student of Baku State University majoring in Organization of Social-Psychological Work in Education; Nigar studies interpretation (English language) at Azerbaijan University. Javid Baxshaliyev, current project participant spoke about his participation in the project, his future plans and goals.

Currently in its third year, Build Your Future project has more than 150 alumni who study at various local higher education institutions of Azerbaijan.