Build Your Future Project to Work with Young People with Disabilities

On August 13, 2017, Build Your Future Youth Support Project held a meeting in connection with the selection process for its forth year of operation.

In its next, fourth year, the project will expand its reach and add young people with disabilities into its target group. The main goal of the meeting was to meet young people with disabilities and their parents and inform them about the project.

A presentation about the project, its goal, activities, selection process, and other important aspects was delivered. Problems encountered by people with disabilities in education and their possible solutions were also discussed during the meeting.

Participants of the meeting included Mr. Aydin Khalilov, Head of Independent Life Development and Support Center, Mr. Elnur Eyvazov, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusive Education at ADA University, and Ms. Gultakin Salamova, specialist at the same office. Guests told the meeting participants about the difficulties they faced on a daily basis and while pursuing their education and the role education played in their personal and professional lives.

Director of the main academic partner of the project Mr. Ilqar Agakishiyev also took part in the meeting and informed the participants about the organization of classes for young people with disabilities within the project.

Established in 2014, the Build Your Future Project started working with BP and co-venturers in 2016. As a result of successful cooperation, the geography of the project was expanded to four new regions outside of Baku (Agdash, Kurdemir, Ujar, and Yevlakh). A new component – work with young people with disabilities – had also been added.