Alumni Interviews for “Kitab Gəzər” Project

On March 6, 2020, “Build Your Future!” Youth Support Project’s alumni were guests of the “Kitab Gəzər” Project (which translates into “a book on a walk”).

The main purpose of the project, which has been operating since 2019, is to increase young people’s from the regions interest towards books and reading. The project collects donated books from Baku and delivers them to young people living in the regions.

Project organizes interviews with various guests and asks them questions about reading, education, and other related topics. Ali Eynaliyev, Qasida Rasulzada, and Sabina Zeynalova – alumni of the “Build Your Future!” Project, also shared their views in an interview. These young people, who are currently students, touched on the subjects about the current interests of their peers, how they spend their free time, and the difficulties they face while studying. Alumni also donated several books to the project.

Interviews of alumni are available here in Azerbaijani language.

Note: Opinions expressed in the interview belong to the authors (alumni) and do not reflect the official position/view of the “Build Your Future!” Youth Support Project.


Translated into English by Aytaj Alasgarli, project alumna and 4th year student majoring in Translation at Azerbaijan University of Languages.